josiah c. jones

Video Review of the year 2012

At the beginning of the year in 2013 I created my own video review of the year of 2012. Although I did not film everything I did, I think it’s still a fun little video. I would like to continue making these “year end review” videos, and if I keep it in focus I will […]

Living In OB: The Ocean’s Relaxing Rhythm

Living in Ocean Beach, California has been a completely different pace than my previous lifestyle in Mesa, Arizona. I used to drive dozens of miles daily to get to work, run errands, meet friends, etc. There was hardly anything to do during the day except work. Now that I’m living in OB I’m right in […]

First Water Trailhead – Superstition Mountains Video Montage

Soon after it rained here in Arizona, I went for a hike to clear my mind. Usually when I go out for a hike, I’ll bring some water and some food, enough for an hour or so, and that’s what I did… Once I was out there, I was enthralled by the beauty of the […]

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