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I’m a bit late getting this up on my website, but a couple weeks ago I made this video of me out in the garden picking fresh vegetables and then making a fresh salad with only what I picked.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video, is that all the vegetables I planted from seed late in 2013 as my “winter crop.” Since there were only a few cold nights where the temperatures dropped below freezing my plants were able to thrive through the winter and my crops are all still healthy mid-February.

The video has a few mistakes, but I didn’t want to pressure myself and re-record to make sure everything was perfect, so I just added some text blurbs in the video to make a few comments where I messed up.

For instance, at one point I say that I have a few varieties of lettuce followed by “some are big and some are small,” lol – clearly the sizes are not the variety but the different types of lettuce.

The confusion came from the fact that I planted two varieties of lettuce seed intermingled and didn’t label or keep track of which were which, so I wasn’t sure the exact type that actually grew. I planted Bib lettuce and Curly Leaf lettuce, so if anyone recognizes which one is in the video I’m open to feedback.

Many of the lettuce plants are starting to bolt so I’ve made sure to cut those down so I can still enjoy the green leafy goodness before they’re too bitter. I’m excited to start the new growing season this year, however we already broke a heat record this year here in Arizona, so I’m not thrilled for the prospect of a very hot, dry summer.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the video – enjoy!

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