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Living in Ocean Beach, California has been a completely different pace than my previous lifestyle in Mesa, Arizona. I used to drive dozens of miles daily to get to work, run errands, meet friends, etc. There was hardly anything to do during the day except work.

Now that I’m living in OB I’m right in the middle of everything! I hardly ever use my car. When I do, I never spend more than $5 or $10 on gas because I usually never go very far. Everything’s easy to access in just a few minutes walking or riding a bike, including the beach. There’s always something going on, but I like find the quiet spots to relax and enjoy the ocean’s rhythms.

I spend as much time at the beach as possible, while still trying to be as productive as possible. It’s not always easy to work because San Diego has this laid back vibe that you get when you start to live here for a while. Here in OB especially. When you sit by the waves long enough it’s hard to get away from them. Who would ever want to leave?

I hope you enjoy both videos below!

Leave a comment below and have an awesome 4th of July!

– Josiah Jones

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  1. Josiah:
    Thanks for sharing your video. The beautiful scenery and cool breeze definitely cooled me off.

    Great stuff–Thanks!!

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